Cosy, down-to-earth and charming

Whether a cosy meal or a relaxing holiday, a successful party or a successful conference - we invite you to let us spoil you in our house full of tradition.


Uncorrupted, genuine, honest and simply incomparable in taste.

are the Franconian Bratwürste from our senior boss Hans Schwab.

Now it is official, his Bratwürste are the number one.


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Our weekly specialities



oven-fresh cabbage rolls, roasted liver, sour lung with heart


Thursday. 1x a month slaughter bowl 

1x a month slaughter bowl and roasted bundle




All dates can be found on our page under "News".




On Saturday and Sunday: 

Choose from a wide variety of Franconian roast dishes.




We offer you a regional cuisine:


Asparagus from Speikern, beef only with certificate of origin, milk veal


Pork and lamb from the surrounding area


Game from hunters from Hersbruck Switzerland


Carp and trout from the Rau family from Diepoltsdorf


Potatoes, beetroot, zucchini, pumpkins and herbs from our own field



Our opening hours




Monday/Tuesday/Friday from 17:30 hrs


Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday full day

Kitchen 11:30 o'clock - 14:00 o'clock and from 17:30 o'clock - 21:00 o'clock

Thursday noon 11.30 am to 14.30 pm

We kindly ask you to reserve a table by telephone!

09158 - 92 99 90