conference flat rates

overnight flat rate

Overnight in single room with breakfast buffet 74,00 EuroOvernight in double room with breakfast buffet 94,00 Euro Possible tasting 3-course menu (main course selection from 5 dishes) 18,50 Euro4-course menu (main course selection from 5 dishes) 23,00 Euro


2-course quick lunch 

(main course selection from 5 dishes, either soup or dessert)

15,00 EuroSnack (hot and cold snacks) 8,80 Euro


Creative breaks - so that working is easy

Of course, we are also happy to entertain your participants during breaks with cold and hot drinks, if desired also with pastries or hearty snacks.


This offers you two possibilities

We charge coffee, tea from the tea buffet and conference drinks according to actual consumption or you decide on a flat rate. 

Unlimited coffee and tea from the tea buffet in the conference room 7,00 EuroUnlimited drinks in the conference room 6,00 Euro


For the small hunger between meals

Illustrated 1/2 roll 1 - 2 pieces per person

Ham raw/cooked, salami, camembert 2,20 EuroCold cuts of cheese, sausages 2,00 EuroLye pretzel with butter 1,80 EuroFresh fruit salad3,20 Euro

Homemade cake

2,40 Euro


space rent

Depending on the number of persons and turnover per person we take the liberty of

between 50,00 Euro and 150,00 Euro per day and room. 




Our opening hours




Monday/Tuesday/Friday from 17:30 hrs


Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday full day

Kitchen 11:30 o'clock - 14:00 o'clock and from 17:30 o'clock - 21:00 o'clock

Thursday noon 11.30 am to 14.30 pm

We kindly ask you to reserve a table by telephone!

09158 - 92 99 90